NJ Traffic Tickets for Maryland Residents

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What does MVA consider a moving violation conviction?

A moving violation conviction is any conviction for which points are assessed under the Maryland point system, or any conviction received in another state or jurisdiction that is similar to a moving violation in Maryland.

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The Maryland Driver’s Handbook states that traffic violation convictions that occur in member states of the Drivers License Compact and thus are reported back the MD Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will be treated in the same manner as if the offenses occurred in Maryland.

Out of state traffic convictions for moving violations are put on to the Maryland motorist’s driving record when the information is received in from the other jurisdiction. Whether Maryland assesses points or not for a violation usually does not matter to an insurance company, it is the violation itself they look at.

So, yes an out of state moving violation that is listed on your Maryland driving history can be looked at by your insurance company. It will depend on your insurance company’s rating system if this violation will be “used against” you and affect your insurance premiums.