Clean Slate Expungements

It is now possible to have your entire criminal record expunged in the State of New Jersey, even if you were not eligible under prior Expungement Laws.

The requirements for a Clean Slate Expungement are as follows:

  • You must not be eligible for Expungement under any other section of the Expungement Statute.
  • You were convicted of one or more crimes, one or more disorderly person/petty disorderly persons offenses under the laws of the State of New Jersey.
  • You do not have any convictions for an offense which is not eligible for expungement at all under 2C:52-2(b) or (c). These are the listed crimes such as murder, arson, and sexual offenses and certain drug offenses including all 1st and 2nd degree charges and some 3rd and 4th degree distribution or possession with intent to distribute charges. (See our Drug Expungement Page for more details)
  • The normal provisions of 2C:52-14 barring expungement where you have had a previous conviction expunged do not apply and you are permitted to have had a prior expungement.
  • You may file a Clean Slate Expungement ten (10) years from the later of the date of your last conviction, payment of all court ordered financial assessments, completion of probation or parole, and release from imprisonment.
  • If you are otherwise eligible, but, have not paid your court ordered financial assessments for any reason other then willful non-compliance, you may still get the expungement, but, your balance owed will be converted to a Civil Judgement against you in favor of the Treasurer, State of New Jersey.
  • If the State implements an automatic Clean Slate Expungement, then an individual can no longer file one and any pending petitions will be rendered moot and must be withdrawn.