Are You Required to Install An interlock Device for a DUI or Breath Test Refusal, But You Don’t Own A Vehicle?

Under the new DWI Law, on a first offense DWI or Refusal instead of a suspension of your driving privileges an interlock is required instead if your reading is under a .15 or there is no reading. 

But, many clients have asked what happens if you do not own a car. This is mostly from clients who live in larger cities or are visiting from out of State. The answer is fairly straightforward, but the process can be difficult to navigate. 

In the event that you do not have a car registered in your name the period of the interlock requirement will be converted to a suspension of your driving privileges. A form must be filled out where you swear under oath that you do not own a vehicle. Once you turn in your New Jersey driver’s license (unnecessary if you live out of State) and return the form to the Court your period of suspension begins. 

It is important that you fill out this form and submit it to the Court because if you do not your suspension is indefinite. The Court is going to assume that you have a car, unless you tell them otherwise. So, the offenses that have an interlock requirement are technically a suspension until the interlock is installed. So, if you do not submit the form then your suspension will not begin because the Court and NJ Motor Vehicle Commission are going to assume you’re in the process of installing the interlock.  Once you finally advise them of this fact your suspension will start to run from this new date and not from the date you were actually convicted. 

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