Young Drug Offenders & Juvenile Delinquency Adjudications

Special Provisions to Benefit Young Drug Offenders

Under 2C:52-5, if  you were under 21 years of age at the time you committed either an indictable or disorderly persons offense for Possession of CDS or of the Sale, Distribution, or Possession with Intent to Distribute less than one(1) ounce of marijuana or five (5) grams of hashish, you don’t have to wait the normal five (5) years for a crime or disorderly persons offense expungement. If more then one (1) year has gone by since your discharge from custody or completion of probation or parole and you have not violated any of the provisions of your probation or parole and you have never had another conviction or Pre-Trial Intervention or Conditional Discharge you are eligible to have the offense expunged.

Juvenile Delinquency Adjudications

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:52-4 you can have any Juvenile Adjudication of Delinquency or arrest expunged if you would meet the requirements for expungement of the offense if it had been committed while you were an adult.   Additionally, you can have your entire Juvenile Record expunged if 5 years have gone by since you were released from custody or supervision, you have not had an adult or juvenile conviction in the last 5 years, you have never been convicted of an offense that would not be eligible for expungement if you had been an adult, you have never had an adult offense expunged, and you have never had adult charges dismissed as a result of Pre-Trial Intervention or Conditional Discharge.