National Driver Registry

If you are trying to get your driver’s license renewed you may be struggling because of an old suspension from New Jersey. The National Driver Registry is a multi-state agreement which bars an individual from getting a license in a state if they are suspended by another state. 

There could be a number of reasons for this, but the most common is because of old traffic or parking tickets that were never resolved. The other common issue is unpaid insurance surcharges. There are other issues which could have your license suspended including non-payment of fines or fees, non-compliance with IDRC (DWI requirements), non-payment of child support, and a non-payment of a civil judgment. 

The attorneys at Wolf Law have over 35 years of experience helping our clients get their driving privileges restored in New Jersey so they can get a license or renew their driver’s license in their home state.  If your driving privileges are suspended in New Jersey,  contact the attorneys at Wolf Law today to get your driving privileges restored at 732-741-4448. 

We will immediately start the process of contacting NJ MVC to find out why you are suspended and research your suspension on the New Jersey Municipal Court computer system to see what may be coming up there. We will work out a plan with you to clear up all of these old matters and get your privileges restored.