2016 Criminal Results

2016 – Superior Court:  Client who had 16 prior Indictable convictions was charged with a 3rd Degree Crime of  Issuing a Bad Check (2C:21-5A) in the amount of $50,000.00 in connection with purchasing a new motor vehicle.  Client was already on Drug Court in another county.  The Plea Offer from the Prosecutor was 4 years in State Prison.

Result:  Attorney was able to negotiate plea with sentence of Drug Court Probation concurrent to that imposed by the other county.  When the Drug Court in the original county issued a Violation of Probation for the new offense, Attorney was able to arrange a Drug Court sanction of 2 weeks in County Jail with client remaining on Drug Court Special Probation.

2016 – Superior Court:  Attorney had previously obtained a probationary term for client on Theft by Deception charges where she had stolen in excess of $25,000.00 from employer.  Client violated terms of probation by failing to pay restitution and being arrested on new charges including possession of CDS (cocaine) and Eluding a police officer.  Client was facing 3-5 year state prison term on the original charges and was being held in county jail.

Result:  Attorney negotiated as plea to the Violation of Probation (VOP) and as part of the plea the client was admitted to Drug Court special probation.   She was released into an in-patient drug treatment program was not incarcerated.

2016 – Superior Court:  Police attempted to stop client driving pick-up truck for erratic driving.  Client failed to pull over and led police through low-speed chase in three towns.   Client finally stopped at a light and police managed to break a window in his truck and put it into park.  Client arrested for DWI and Eluding Police and blew a .26% BAC.  Criminal Charges included a 3rd degree Resisting Arrest/Eluding with risk of personal injury under 2C:29-2A(3)(B) with a maximum penalty of 5 years in state prison.

Result:    Attorney arranged acceptance into Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program along with guilty plea to DWI.   If client completes one year probation, all criminal charges will be dismissed.  Client lost license for 7 months on the DWI.

2016 – Municipal Court:  Police came upon client and another individual by the side of the road following a car accident.  They charged the other individual who appeared to be the driver with a DWI.  Two months later when the other individual denied being the operator, the client was charged with 39:4-50A, allowing a person under the influence to operate a vehicle.  When the client refused to plead guilty to the offense, the police retaliated by charging him criminally with Providing False Information to a Police Officer (2C:29-3B4) and Obstructing an Investigation (2C:29-1A).  The client who was as New York Corrections Officer would lose his job if convicted of any criminal offense.

Result:  The Attorney refused to plead guilty to any charges, maintaining his client’s complete innocence.  After four court appearances and motions to obtain the criminal history of the other individual who was the State’s chief witness, to dismiss for lack of a speedy trial,  and for dismissal as the State’s evidence did not support the charges, the matter was transferred to another municipal court and finally set down for trial a year later.  A new prosecutor assigned to the case conceded that he could not meet his burden of proof and all charges were dismissed.  The client was able to keep his job as a Corrections Officer.

2016 – Municipal Court – Client charged with Assault under 2C: 12-1A arising out of an incident where she allegedly spit in the face of an individual who she discovered was dating her fiancee.

Result:  Attorney obtained dismissal of charges after subpoenaing independent witness who  confirmed that it was another individual, not the client, who spit in the women’s face.

2016 – Municipal Court:  Client charged with Disorderly Conduct (2C:33-2A), Defiant Trespass (2C:18-3B), and Resisting Arrest (2C:29-2A(1), after altercation in a local beach town bar.  Each of these are criminal offenses carrying a fine of up to $1000.00 and up to six months in the county jail.

Result:  Attorney was able to get the charges reduced to a non-criminal Local Ordinance violation and client was fined $1500.00.

2016 –  Superior Court:  Client charged with 3rd degree Possession of Cocaine (2C:35-10A1) and Disorderly Conduct ( 2C:33-2A1).

Result:  Attorney took advantage of the Superior Court Plea Indictment Plea Court (PIP Court) and negotiated a dismissal of the disorderly conduct charge and an amendment of the Indictable (felony) CDS charge down to a disorderly persons offense of Failure to Make Proper Disposition (2C:35-10C) with a $500.00 fine, no probation, and no drivers license suspension.

2016 – Superior Court/Municipal Court:  Client charged with an Indictable Criminal Offense of Possession of a Weapon (a Taser or stun gun) under 2C:39-3H.

Result:  Attorney was able to obtain a downgrade to the local Municipal Court where he was able to further reduce the charge to a non-criminal Municipal Ordinance for Disorderly Behavior.  Client was fined $356.00.

2016 – Municipal Court:  Client arrested on warrant for four year old shoplifting charge under 2C:20-11.

Result:  Prosecutor was unable to produce the Loss Control Officer involved in the arrest and attorney obtained dismissal of charge with $300.00 contempt for the failure to appear.

2016 – Municipal Court:  Client from California was attending concert at Met Life Stadium.  Police Officer observed him snorting cocaine and placed him under arrest charging a indictable 3rd degree crime of Possession of Cocaine.

Result:  Attorney obtained a remand to Municipal Court where a Conditional Discharge was obtained with attorney appearing on client’s behalf without client coming in from California.  If client completes one year of non-reporting probation without being re-arrested on new charges, the case will be dismissed.

2016: Superior/Municipal Court:  Client charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine and Heroin (2C:35-10A1), Wandering for the Purpose of Obtaining CDS (2C:33-2), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (2C:36-2)(a glass pipe and hypodermic needle).

Result:  Attorney obtained dismissal of all charges except for amended charge of Failure to Make Proper Disposition of CDS which was remanded to Municipal Court where a Conditional Discharge was granted.

2016 – Municipal Court:  Client charged with Assault (2C:12-1) after coming into a bar drunk and physically attacking her boyfriend.

Result:  Attorney got client placed in Anger Management and Alcohol Counseling and Court dismissed all charges.

2016 – Superior/Municipal Court:  Client was middle-aged man  who became addicted to pain medication and when he could no longer obtain it started using heroin.  He was found by the police unconscious in his car with bags of heroin on his front seat.  He was charged with 3rd degree Possession of CDS (heroin) (2C:35-10a1), Possession of  Under 50 grams of Marijuana (2C:35-10A4), Being under the influence of CDS (2C:3510B), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (2C:36-2).

Result:  Attorney encouraged client to enter drug treatment program and obtained dismissal of the Indictable charges in the Superior Court with a remand to Municipal Court.  The charge of 2C:36-2 was amended to a charge of Wandering in a Drug Zone (2C:33-2.1) for which a fine of $500.00 was imposed with no jail and no probation.  All other charges were dismissed.

*While all of these results were actually obtained by Wolf Law in the Municipal Courts and Superior Courts of the State of New Jersey, the success in these cases does not guarantee a similar success in any future case. Clients names have been removed to protect their privacy. Due to the delay in posting these cases to this web site some cases may actually have taken place in the year before their posting date as it appears above.