$55,000 Recovery for Slip and Fall Resulting from Defective Product

Monmouth County, NJ

Alleged defective design of bead cleaning machine used to wash small beads that are used in hospital setting to absorb waste – Beads fall from cleaning machine – Slip and fall – Torn meniscus.

The male plaintiff in his 30’s, who worked for a company utilizing a machine to clean small silicone beads which are used to absorb waste material in a hospital setting, contended that the machine was defectively designed because it was equipped with only a rubber, rather than a metal seal, resulting in its failing to adequately contain the beads. The plaintiff maintained that he slipped and fell, suffering a tear of the medical meniscus. The defendant contended that the machine was properly designed. The defendant further contended that the plaintiff’s employer had final control over the design of the machine. The plaintiff maintained that he required arthroscopic surgery and will suffer permanent pain and restrictions of his activities. The plaintiff was able to return to his job. The case settled prior to trial for $55,000.