$75,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall in Monmouth Co., NJ

$75,000 RECOVERY
Plaintiff slips on apartment door sill made wet and slippery by power washing while she was at uncle’s apartment – Plaintiff slips and falls as she is leaving building – Ankle fracture treated conservatively – No income claims.

Monmouth County, NJ – The 51-year old plaintiff, who was at her uncle’s apartment, contended that the defendant, who was power washing the premises, negligently failed to place warning signs, resulting in her slipping and falling as she was leaving the premises.

The plaintiff indicated in discovery that the power washing had yet to start when she entered approximately one hour before leaving but she heard the work start when she was at the apartment.
The defendant maintained that the power washing had already begun when the plaintiff entered, that the plaintiff was aware that the door sill was wet, and that warnings were not necessary.
A witness indicated in discovery that she entered the apartment after the plaintiff and that the plaintiff warned her to be careful when she left because the door sill was wet. The plaintiff denied that this testimony was accurate. The plaintiff suffered an ankle fracture that was treated with a soft cast. The plaintiff contended that she will suffer pain permanently that is heightened upon changes in weather.  The plaintiff made no income claims. The case settled prior to trial for $75,00.