2012 Traffic Results

2012: Municipal Court: Client’s vehicle was struck in his own driveway.  He was not using the car which was under repair and was unregistered and uninsured.  Client was charged with 39:6B-2 Uninsured Motorist and 39:3-4 Unregistered Motorist and was facing a 1 year suspension of his driver’s license.

Result:  Attorney argued that the vehicle was inoperable and the Prosecutor agreed to amend the charge of 39:6B-2 to 39:3-29c, Failure to Produce Proof of Insurance with a $189 in fine.  Client pled guilty to 39-3-4 and paid $89 in fines and costs.

2012: Municipal Court: Client was charged with 39:3-40 Driving While Suspended ($500 fine and up to a 6 month license suspension), 39:3-4 Unregistered Motorist, and 39:3-10A Unlicensed Driver.  Client was concerned that a conviction could impact his pending Citizenship Application (he was a Green Card holder.)

Results: Attorney investigated the suspension and found that it was a result of a suspension of his previous Rhode Island license for an unpaid speeding ticket from New York.  39:3-40 and 39:3-4 were dismissed. Client pled guilty to 39:3-10A and paid $539 in fines and fees.

2012 – Municipal Court:  Client charged with Speeding 110 mph in a 65 zone (5 points) and Reckless Driving (5 points and possible license suspension).

Result:  Attorney was able to get a dismissal of the Reckless Driving and an amendment of the speeding ticket to an Unsafe Operation (39:4-97.2) with a fine of $439 and No Points, No license suspension.

2012 – NJ Division of Motor Vehicles Administrative Hearing:  Client was facing a 180 day suspension of his driver’s license for Operating a Motor Vehicle during a period of suspension, an indefinite suspension for a Dishonored Check to DMV, and an indefinite suspension for failure to pay an insurance surcharge.

Result:  Attorney requested and was granted a hearing before the Division in Trenton.  In the hearing he argued that the client had now paid his surcharges and made good on the bad check.  He further demonstrated that the notices of suspension had not been received before the client was pulled over and that the client as a store manager would lose his job if he was unable to drive around to the stores he managed.  The Division agreed and the client did not receive any suspension.

2012 : Municipal Court: Client was a Florida resident who could not get his license renewed in Florida because he was listed as suspended in New Jersey on the National Driver’s Registry because of tickets he received here in 1990.   The charges were: 39:4-144 Failure to Stop at an Intersection, 39:3-40 Driving While Suspended, 39:3-29 Failure to Produce Proof of Registration, and Unlicensed Driver 39:3-10B.

Result: The court dismissed all charges against the client, allowing him to renew his Florida license.  Client was assessed $150 contempt for the failure to appear.

2012 : Motor Vehicle Commission: Client was facing a proposed 45-day license suspension for accruing 14 points on his license. For employment and schooling reasons, a 45-day suspension would be an undue hardship for him.

Result: At the Settlement Conference client was able to receive 15-day license suspension in lieu of the proposed 45-day suspension.

2012: Municipal Court: Client was involved in an accident when he struck a vehicle from behind and was charged with 39:4-97

Careless Driving (2 points).

Result: Attorney obtained an amendment to 39:4-67 Obstructing Traffic with a $87 fine (and No Points)

2012 : Municipal Court: Client was charged with 39:4-96 Reckless Driving (5 points), 39:4-126 Failure to Signal Turn (2 points), and 39:3-10b Unlicensed Driver with 6 month prohibition on obtaining license.

Result: Attorney obtained a dismissal of the 39:4-126 and 39:3-10b. The court amended the Reckless Driving to a 2 point 39:4-97 Careless Driving.  Client paid $239 in fines and court fees.

2012: Municipal Court:  Client was North Carolina resident who had tickets from two New Jersey towns dating back to 1997 who could not renew his license because of his NJ suspension on the National Driver’s Registry.  First town was Driving While Suspended (39:3-40), Unregistered Vehicle (39:3-4), and Uninsured Driver (39:6B-2).  Second town was Driving While Suspended (39:3-40).

Result:  Attorney obtained dismissal of all charges in first court with imposition of fine for contempt and second Driving While Suspended as reduced to an unlicensed driver with a $208 fine.  Client was then taken off the National Driver’s Registry and was able to get his North Carolina license.

2012: Municipal Court: Client was charged with 39:3-33 Fictitious Plates, 39:6B-2 Uninsured Motor Vehicle (1 year license suspension), and 39:3-66 Failure to Maintain Lights.

Result: The Court dismissed the Fictitious Plates, amended the No Insurance to 39:3-29 Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance, and the client paid $191 in fines and court fees. The client pled guilty to 39:3-66 and paid $70 in fines and court fees.

2012: Municipal Court: Client was charged with 39:4-36 Failure to Stop for a Pedestrian, which carries a possible $200 fine and 15 days of community service.

Result: Client pled guilty to an amended charge of 39:4-67 Obstruction of Vehicles. Client had to pay $189 in fines and fees.

2012 : Municipal Court:  Client charged with Driving While Suspended 39:3-40 facing a $500 fine and 6 month loss of license.

Result:  Attorney obtained amendment to Unlicensed Driver 39:3-10a with a $206 fine, no suspension.

2012 : Municipal Court:  Client charged with a violation of 39:6B-2 Driving without Insurance and was facing a mandatory one year loss of license and up to $1000 in fines as well as a ticket for Failure to Exhibit an Insurance Card 39:3-29.

Result:  Attorney successfully argued that the client was unaware that his insurance had been cancelled and had obtained new insurance after he was pulled over.  The No Insurance charge was dismissed and he was fined $186.00 for not having a valid card in his possession.

2012: Municipal Court:  Client involved in an accident and charged with Careless Driving (39:4-97) a 2 point ticket.

Result:  Attorney negotiated a plea to Unsafe Operation (39:4-97.2) a No Point Ticket with a $439 fine and obtained a Civil Reservation (the plea cannot be used against the client in a civil suit for injuries and damages)

2012 : Municipal Court:  Client was a school teacher who on her way home from a night out with friends struck a curb, damaged her car, and left it in a parking lot and went home.  She was charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident (39:4-129) (6 month mandatory license suspension and 2 points), Failure to Report an Accident (39:4-130), Careless Driving (39:4-97) (2 points), and Driving without Insurance (39:6B-2) (1 year license suspension and up to $1000 fine).

Result:  Attorney obtained a dismissal of the Leaving the Scene of an Accident.  The No Insurance was amended to simply failing to produce an insurance id card with a $189 fine.  The Careless Driving was amended to an Unsafe Operation (39:4-97.2) with a $359 fine and No Points, and a plea was entered to the Failure to Report an accident with a $139 fine and No Points.

2012 : Municipal Court: Client was charged with a 4 point speeding ticket (86 in a 65 zone).

Result: The charge was amended to 39:4-97.2 Driving in an Unsafe Manner, and client pled guilty. The client had to pay $410 in fines and fees but received No Points.

2012: Motor Vehicle Commission: Client was involved in a car accident during the period of his license suspension. He was given a Notice of Proposed Suspension for 180 Days by MVC.

Result: Attorney filed an Appeal of the Suspension and in a Pre-Hearing Conference in Trenton negotiated with the Commission for a 30-day suspension.

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*While all of these results were actually obtained by Wolf Law in the Municipal Courts and Superior Courts of the State of New Jersey, the success in these cases does not guarantee a similar success in any future case. Clients names have been removed to protect their privacy. Due to the delay in posting these cases to this web site some cases may actually have taken place in the year before their posting date as it appears above.